How to Feel Less High When You Accidentally Consume Marijuana

Playing Edible Marijuana Dangers?

If you have ingested marijuana is there anything that can be done to combat the effects?

Doctors Executive Assistant Terry accidentally drank a marijuana-infused lemonade. She says she first felt tired, then had trouble walking and then she says the room began to wobble. She even feared that she might be having a stroke. After passing out, the next morning she was informed that she has consumed a cannabis-infused lemonade, which was 4 servings worth.

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She tells The Doctors that she felt high for nearly 24 hours and then felt exhausted after she came down from the high.

The Doctors explain that there are multiple products on the market that claim to counteract the effects of the marijuana, but there is not a lot of evidence behind their claims. One simple approach that some say works is smelling pepper, which is said to help offset some of the effects of the marijuana.

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Dr. Travis reminds us to think twice before drinking or eating something in another person's home without knowing what it is -- especially if you live in a state where marijuana is legal. See Terry put the pepper to the test in the video below!