NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson's New Approach to Back Pain

Playing Plasma Injections for Back Problems?

Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson has been experiencing back pain for the past 14 years and he is now trying a new approach to treat it.

He says the pain shows up on his right side and sometimes travels to his leg when it flares up. The former athlete says the pain can come out of nowhere and makes walking very difficult at times.

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The former NFL star meets with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Moheimani to get platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which Dr. Moheimani says can promote healing and regeneration of tissue as well as help with inflammation.

After one treatment, Eric said he felt great and his pain subsided but says the effects of the PRP only lasted for around 10 months. Dr. Moheimani says they are now considering another type of PRP injection or possibly stem cell injections, as Eric wants to avoid back surgery if possible.

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“I’m just trying to wait as long as I possibly can,” he says of going under the knife. The Doctors wish Eric the best as he continues to search for relief for his back pain.