Dr. Ordon’s DNA Test Results

Playing Can Ancestry Tests Bring you Closer to Your Family?

Are you curious about where you really come from? 

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon took a genealogy DNA test to discover more about his roots -- and he was given some surprising results!

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He says before the test he had a pretty good idea of where his ancestors came from, but the results threw him a curveball that he was not expecting. The test Dr. Ordon took, the Living DNA Test, goes back 11 to 12 generations to examine your genetic makeup.

As he previously believed, 58% of his ancestors came from eastern Europe, specifically Poland and Ukraine. The test also revealed that 11.9 percent of his ancestors originated from Russia and Finland. The surprising result from the DNA test was that some of his ancestors originated from southern Asia, which he says was something he did not know.

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