Homeless Women Facing Feminine Hygiene Product Shortage

Playing Feminine Hygiene Products for the Homeless

The homeless population in America is facing a struggle that many people might have never imagined. Every night, there are approximately 500,000 people without a home and nearly half of them are women and many do not have access to products related to feminine hygiene.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry meets with Chelsea Vonchaz, founder of #HappyPeriod, which provides feminine products to those in need. One of the ways that #HappyPeriod helps women with their periods is distributing kits which include pads, tampons, wipes, soap, and underwear.

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Chelsea tells The Doctors that she was inspired to start #HappyPeriod after seeing a homeless woman on street having to deal with her cycle. She explains that when homeless women do not have access to feminine hygiene products they resort to using things like socks, plastic products, food bags, and leaves. She also says that homeless women with babies are forced to choose between using diapers for their child or for their period.

#HappyPeriod recently helped victims of Hurricane Harvey donating 75,000 tampons to those in need including schools and shelters.

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The Doctors reached out to our friends at CVS Health and U By Kotex, who both make generous donations to #HappyPeriod. If you would like to get involved and help with this worthy cause, click here.