How Dirty Is Your Soda Can?

Playing How Dirty Is Your Canned Beverage

The Doctors are doing the dirty work once again with our Dirty Truth segment, this time examining your soda can. Is the can your drinking from crawling with germs?

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We tested 3 different types of drinks in cans, including a cola, a diet cola, and a citrus soda. We swabbed cans from a vending machine, a grocery store, and a gas station and sent them to ABC Lab.

Gas station: While we did find a bacteria that is commonly found in soil and the environment, the cans we tested came up - CLEAN.

Vending machine: We found the same bacteria seen on the gas station cans, but Dr. Travis notes that is a common type of bacteria and not harmful and the vending machine cans were - CLEAN.

Grocery store: The cans we tested grew some E. coli. While this can be found in things like feces, Dr. Travis notes that E. coli is "all around us" and notes that you most likely not going to get sick, but this one was still - DIRTY.

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If you are concerned about the cleanliness of your soda can, The Doctors suggest simply rinsing off the lid!