Lorna Jane Clarkson's Sweet & Healthy Treats

Playing Healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Indulgences

The Doctors are joined by author and lifestyle expert Lorna Jane Clarkson who shares food that is delicious and somewhat indulgent, but also healthy.

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"I wanted to write about self-love this time because I really think you can bring positive change into your life if you decide to love and believe in yourself," Lorna, who penned the book "Love You," says.

Lorna Jane's tasty and healthy treats had Dr. Travis Stork proclaiming, "I love it," and Dr. Andrew Ordon declaring, "Delicious... it gives you that nice sweet fix."

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Get the recipes for Lorna Jane's chocolate hazelnut spread, hazelnut crunch fudge and sweet & spicy peanut butter dairy-free ice cream, here!