Mom Loses Finger after Wedding Ring Gets Caught on Fence!

Playing Mom Loses Finger in Freak Fence Accident

While at her son's little league practice, Chelsey was gripping a chainlink fence when the unthinkable happened!

While jumping down from a ledge while still holding the fence, her wedding ring caught on the fence and her finger was torn off.

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She was rushed to the hospital in hopes of saving the finger. Unfortunately, doctors told her that due to the severity of the injury that reattaching the finger was not possible. She now wears a bandage over the wound on her hand.

She is keeping her sense of humor about the injury telling The Doctors that she now hopes for a 10 percent discount on future manicures.

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If you were to ever sever a finger, The Doctors recommend saving the finger and placing it in moistened gauze and in a water-tight bag and then on ice (but not directly on ice). Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon notes that a clean cut is easier to repair for fingers that have been severed.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork notes that the ring finger is not critical and he believes she will be able to function nearly close to normal.