Can Menstrual Cramps Be Turned off with This Device?

Playing Could this Device Help You Say Goodbye to Menstrual Cramps

Could your menstrual cramps be turned "off" with the use of a device? The Doctors put the Livia device -- which claims to help cut down on cramps -- to the test!

The device uses electrical impulses, which the company claims can stop the pain receptors from your uterus to the brain.

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We sent the device home with guests Paige and Rachel, who both experience menstrual pain, and they join us to share their thoughts.

"I absolutely loved it. It was a wonderful distraction for my period," Rachel says, explaining she felt like she was having a spa treatment while using it. She described the feeling the device created as a "pulsing vibration" and said she felt it was calming. She used the device for 15 to 20 minutes and says her pain subsided for the rest of the day.

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Paige tells us that the device did not work for her. She moved the device to multiple locations on her body and used it for up to 2 hours, but saw no relief from her cramps.