Could Your Pain from High Heels Be Fixed with a Shot?

Playing Could a Shot Stop High Heel Pain?

A treatment that uses a shot using your own blood claims to treat pain from wearing high heels -- and The Doctors put it to the test!

Foot and ankle surgeon and podiatrist Dr. Bobby Pourziaee and patient Cody, who is suffering from sensitivity in the balls of her feet related to wearing high heels, are joined by plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon to try out the new treatment.

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Cody has already had 2 of the 3 treatments, which involves the injection of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), and says her pain level after getting the injections went from a 10 to a zero. It's been a few months since her last injection and she is back for more.

Dr. Pourziaee says that the PRP's high concentration of growth factors helps with collagen synthesis and the reduction of inflammation. Dr. Pourziaee recommends 3 treatments about 1 month apart and says it will cost $1000 for both feet.

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The Doctors also suggest alternating between flats and high heels when possible and if you are experiencing foot pain to not ignore it and see a foot specialist.