Glue Stick for Brows & Homemade Hair Gel - Hack or Wack?

Playing Hack or Wack: Glue Stick for Brows?

Beyonce's makeup artist might reportedly swear by it, but is it something you should do?

The star's makeup artist Sir John recently said that in order to keep Bey's brows looking their best in warm weather he uses a glue stick.

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But before you start applying a glue stick to your eyebrows, dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra warns that the skin in this area is very sensitive and it is also easy to bruise and pull the hair out. She also says that removing the glue might be difficult. Dr. Batra feels this is a "terrible idea."

Verdict: Wack!

What about a DIY hair gel that can supposedly give you the wet hair look, that celebs like Kim Kardashian have rocked. The DIY product is made of boiled water and flax seeds until it becomes gel-like and then strained.

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Dr. Batra says that the fatty acids from the seeds can be great for your hair and she says it can hydrate. She dubs it "really great."

Verdict: Hack!