What Is the Dirtiest Spot in a Restaurant?

Playing The Dirtiest Spot in Your Favorite Restaurant?

Could your favorite restaurant be brimming with dangerous bacteria?

The Doctors investigate where the dirtiest spot in a restaurant might be. We swabbed multiple items on a table at a typical restaurant testing utensils, condiments, the menu and the table and sent the swabs to ABC Labs.

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The menu: According to the lab, this was the dirtiest thing tested at the restaurant we went to. We found the menu was covered in bacteria. The Doctors note that menus are often not cleaned frequently and they are touched by so many people. The Doctors suggest washing your hands after you have ordered.

Condiments: In the restaurant we tested, we found bacteria on the ketchup lids and they suggest checking the lid before using.

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Utensils: The Doctors suggest making sure to not place your utensil down on the table in order to avoid bacteria and germs and to keep it on a clean napkin or your plate.

The Doctors note many that of these germs and bacteria and not something most people need to worry too much about and when in doubt, wash your hands!