Tips for Single Moms on Mom Guilt & Saving Money

Playing Do You Have Mom Guilt?

Financial expert Emma Johnson, who wrote "The Kickass Single Mom," joins The Doctors to answer viewer questions about raising kids on your own and shares tips on how to save money.

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How to deal with being away from your child for work: Viewer Lashette asks for tips on dealing and coping with "mom guilt". Emma says research has shown that after the age of 2, the amount of time spent with a child is not as important as the quality of time spent with your little one. She also says that financial security -- which she explains is paying your bills without stress, having some money in the bank for emergencies and saving for your retirement -- is key. She says having this will help you to make better decisions your career, parenting and the future spouses that may come into your life.  

Should you sell your old wedding ring to help pay bills?: Emma answers a question from Twitter asking if getting rid of your old wedding ring is a good idea if you need extra money. "Sell it, just get rid of it!" Emma says. She says it is important to move on following a separation and notes that many wedding rings are valuable and she feels that money could be used in better ways.

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How to manage expenses and also plan for the future: She addresses a question from a viewer who asks for advice on paying for childcare while also saving for the child's college. She suggests setting up a childcare swap program with other parents in your community. Not only will this help cut down on your childcare expenses, she tells The Doctors with will also help to strengthen your network.     

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