Find out the Sexual Position More Prone to Injury

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Playing Most Dangerous Positions in Bed?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Is your favorite sexual position more likely to cause a penile fracture? The Doctors and urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz examine which types of intercourse positions cause the most injuries.

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According to a new study of 90 men with penile fractures, "doggy style" was responsible for the most injuries, followed by the missionary position.

So what can be done to prevent penile fractures during sex?

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First, Dr. Spitz says if a fracture does occur to immediately go to the emergency room. He says that in addition to a rupture within the penis during a penile fracture, that in 20 percent of these cases the urethra is severed.

As for his advice on avoiding these fractures, he says to take "the path of least resistance."