Exclusive: Woman Survives Being Run over by a Train

Playing Drs. Exclusive - I Survived Being Run over By a Train

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Mandy's life was forever changed when a weekend away almost turned deadly and she lost both of her legs.

When she was 21, Mandy went on a camping trip with friends. After a night out a bar, she awoke in an ambulance after having been hit by a train. In the accident, she lost both of her legs and flatlined twice.

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She tells The Doctors that she has no recollection of what happened, but believes she was drugged while out drinking and placed on the train tracks on purpose. She also says that authorities treated the incident as a suicide attempt and that her case was not properly investigated. She goes on to say that she was not tested to see if drugs were present in her system following the accident.

"Somebody must have drugged me and put me on those tracks. I feel like I was just an object, a toy for somebody to play with," she says.

Since the accident, Mandy has been forced to relearn how to do most everything and fears she may never walk again. In addition to her first horrific amputation surgery, a year later, she had to have another amputation due to bone regrowth.

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Mandy tells The Doctors that the man who was with her on the night of the accident committed suicide after the incident. Before he took his own life, she says that while recovering in the hospital he told her that he had 4 to 5 friends maimed on the same train tracks where she was hit.

"There are so many unanswered questions... I feel like a lot of it just went down the drain and died with the gentleman I was with that night," she says. She also tells The Doctors that she feels she has been victim-shamed by members of her community after the incident. She says that people have blamed her for the incident because she had been out drinking that night. 

Mandy's mom Lisa says she is beyond proud of how her daughter has handled herself following the life-changing incident. "[I'm proud of everything she has done]. Her endurance, her inner strength, her wanting to fight and make things better for people, for being an inspiration... she hasn't given up and I won't let her," mom Lisa says.

We have arranged for Ascend Physical Therapy to work with Mandy at least 1 time per week for an entire year in order to help her learn how to walk better with her prosthetics. The Doctors encourage anyone who might have any knowledge of what might have happened to Mandy on the night she was struck by a train to reach out to the authorities.