Celebrity Health Secrets – The Fab Four Formula

Playing Celebrity Health Secrets – The Fab Four Formula

Kelly LeVeque -- nutritionist, celebrity health coach and author of the new book "Body Love" -- joins The Doctors to share her "fab-four formula" for every meal.

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The celebrity health coach, who has worked with Jessica Alba, Molly Sims and Chelsea Handler, says putting the right foods on your plate at every meal is key.

She shares her food philosophy, which is dubbed "fab-four," is about putting 4 things on your plate. They include protein, fat, fiber and greens, which she says will help you to get all of your essential nutrients, the fiber you need to feed your gut microbiome, and she says it will help "turn off" 8 hunger hormones.

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Get the recipes for all items Kelly brought to show including her blueberry muffin smoothie, chic flax chicken tenders, avocado hummus and roasted veggie chickpea curry bowl, here!

And check out more from Kelly in her book, "Body Love."