Mother & Daughter Breast Cancer Survivors Meet After 45 Years

Playing Woman Beats Breast Cancer Twice

JoAnn battled breast cancer twice and when the daughter she gave up for adoption reached out to her after 45 years, she knew she had to warn her of the possibility of the disease.

She first battled breast cancer 20 years ago. JoAnn discovered cancer returned 12 years later, and her biological daughter Kandi finally reached out to her while she was going through treatment. She urged her to also get screened for cancer and unfortunately, Kandi discovered she too had breast cancer.

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"For 20 years, I've dealt with cancer. They just got to find a cure for it because it affects everybody's life and there are just no words to describe the horrible and devastating illness it can be," she shares.

Thankfully, both JoAnn and Kandi are now both in remission and are able to meet for the first time on our stage! See the touching and emotional reunion in the video below.

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Kandi says that while searching for her birth mother, she came across a photo of JoAnn going through chemotherapy and this helped inspire her to finally reach out to her birth mom after years of putting it off. Kandi says reconnecting with her birth mom has helped her to become more informed and aware of possible health risks as she now has a family health history to work off of.

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