Community Comes Together after Brothers Lose Both Parents

Playing Community Comes Together in Crisis

The tragedy of 2 brothers losing both of their parents in less than a year has helped create an organization to help those in need. Evan and Tyler lost their father to a heart attack and their mother to ovarian cancer only 10 months apart.

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The brothers' grandparents cared for the boys as their mother battled cancer and when both of their parents were gone, Leah, Founding President of USR Cares organized her community to come to Evan and Tyler's aid. Seemingly simple things, like offering rides, making food and helping to take care of the boy's home were all organized to make their lives easier.

USR Cares was founded following the death of Evan and Tyler's mom Denise and was created to honor her and help others in need. Leah tells The Doctors the group recently raised $30,000 at an event that can help future families in crisis.

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For other communities looking to organize to help a support system, Leah recommends looking to the town's "doers" to get the ball rolling. She also says to reach out to local emergency services professionals and local politicians and inquire about ways to help.

Find out more about the important work USR Cares is doing, here.