How Mother with No Arms Overcomes Life's Challenges

Playing Woman Born Without Arms Overcomes Challenges

Being born without arms has not stopped Laurel from living an amazing life. She joins The Doctors to share how she's overcome the obstacles of not having arms.

"I learned how to do everything with my feet," she says. The single mom of 2 sons is able to write, use utensils, brush her teeth, use a cell phone, do all the household tasks like cooking and laundry and cleaning -- and she even drives a car. She is also currently going to college and says, "I love my life."

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She tells The Doctors that she was not given special treatment as a child and was raised to adapt to her situation. "You don't know what you're able to do until you try it," she says.

One area that she does struggle with is the task of vacuuming. "Have you ever tried to vacuum with your neck?" she asks the panel.

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The Doctors surprise this amazing mom with the opportunity to take on a new challenge and arrange for her  to learn how to ski in Aspen, courtesy of SheLift and Challenge Aspen .

We also surprise Laurel with a gift from Carpet One Floor & Home that will make cleaning her home much easier and also a gift from AlphaTherm to help when her car windows are fogged or iced.