Are Your Eyebrows Committing a Beauty Crime?

Playing Fixes for Common Brow Crimes

Are your brows guilty of committing a beauty crime?

The Doctors are joined by The BrowGal Tonya Crooks for an audience ambush makeover.

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Tonya says the biggest mistake when shaping brows is not understanding what the natural shape of the brow is and not filling in first before removing the hair. She urges people to fill before they pluck.

Tonya says brows can be categorized into 3 types, an arch, an arc or a straighter brow. She says balance is key and for thicker brows. She will trim, tweeze, fill in and then highlight.

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For a thinner brow, Tonya maps out where she will be filling in based on the shape of the face and then uses a sharp eyebrow pencil and hair-like strokes to fill in.

Find out what audience members Lucia and Tammy think of their brow makeover in the video above.