Help My Twin Sister with Her Decaying Teeth!

Playing Save My Twin's Teeth!

Twins Kimberly and Nicole have come to The Doctors to solve Nicole's medical mystery that is affecting her smile.

"Nicole's smile has vanished," her sister says.

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Nicole explains her dental problems started about ten years ago. She is now dealing with exposed nerves, chipped teeth, and discoloration. "I'm in pain all the time," she says. She has been to numerous dentists, but none have been able to determine what the problem is. Her sister Kimberly is not having the same dental issues.

The Doctors send the twins to cosmetic dentist Dr. Joe Willardsen and internist Dr. Ehsan Ali to find out some answers. Dr. Willardsen tests the acidity of each twin's salvia. Dr. Ali conducts a series of test on Nicole, including a blood test.

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Dr. Ali and Dr. Willardsen join the twins and The Doctors to share the results of their tests. Dr. Ali shares that Nicole has Sjogren's syndrome, which is an immune system disorder characterized by dry eyes and dry mouth. He says her lack of salvia is causing her tooth decay. He explains this is not life-threatening and there is a treatment available. He also recommends having Kimberly tested for Sjogren's syndrome as well.

Additionally, Dr. Willardsen offers to fix Nicole's teeth at no cost to her. We can't wait to see Nicole with her new and improved smile!