'Bachelor' Alum Vienna Girardi Opens up about Losing Twin Daughters at 18 Weeks

Playing ‘Bachelor’ Star Loses Twin Babies

Vienna Girardi, who was the winner of "The Bachelor" Season 14, has come to The Doctors to open up about losing twins at 18 weeks.

During her pregnancy, she experienced twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), where the blood supply of one twin moves to the other through the placenta.

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The unthinkable happened at 18 weeks when her water broke. Doctors wanted to induce labor, but Vienna refused in an attempt to save her twins. After a few days, she went into septic shock and she could no longer feel the babies moving. Her mom Tina tells us she feared she might lose her daughter and her grandchildren all on the same day.  An ultrasound confirmed she had lost the babies, and she was rushed into surgery in order to save her own life.

Vienna and mom Tina join the show to share more on this heartbreaking experience.  She tells The Doctors that she is trying her hardest to not think about losing her twins, but says every day is a struggle.

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She now worries, "Am I never going to be able to have kids again? Is this going to happen again?" OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry tells Vienna, "There was absolutely, positively, nothing that you could have done to make this outcome any different." Dr. Nita also notes that the probability of twin to twin transfusion does increase in future pregnancies.

Luckily, Vienna's doctor has told her that she will be able to get pregnant again.