Exclusive: The Chef Who Survived Electrocution!

Playing Drs. Exclusive: I Survived Electrocution!

Eduardo Garcia miraculously survived being electrocuted and the horrific experience transformed his life.

The chef and star of the documentary “Charged,” who lost his forearm, 4 ribs and his hand in the accident, joins The Doctors to share how he gained a new lease on life after nearly dying.

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While on a hike, he touched the remains of a bear, which was lying on a live power source. He was charged with 2400 volts of electricity, which wrecked havoc on his body. During his time in the hospital being treated for his wounds from the electrocution, doctors also discovered that he had testicular cancer.

He is now known as "the bionic chef" and says his near-death experience has taught him the importance of humility.

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"Maybe I can't be the guy that lifts the 80-pound thing anymore. Or as a chef with my kitchen crew... [and learned to ask], 'Hey, I need help doing this task... which is a challenging thing for a young male to do," he tells The Doctors.

He says he now approaches food more simply focusing on organic ingredients. Check out Eduardo's amazing skills in the kitchen in the video below and get the recipes for his Chayote squash and cast-iron carrots, here!