Signs Your Partner Might Be a Sociopath

Playing Is Your Partner a Sociopath?

The Doctors discuss the story of a woman who found out her boyfriend was leading a double life just moments before giving birth to their child!

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho explains that the terms sociopath and psychopath falls under the umbrella of antisocial personality disorder. She says that this occurs in about 1 to 3 people out every 100 people. She says that this disorder can be expressed in the following ways:

- Having low empathy
- Looking at people as a means to your ends and a way to reach your goals
- Having no shame, no guilt
- Having a lack of a filter
- Engaging with others and situations in a superficial way

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She also explains that people with antisocial personality disorder are often charming and can seek out others with low self-esteem. One major red flag of a person with antisocial personality disorder, according to Dr. Judy, is an immediate attachment. She says that if someone is telling you after just one date that they love you, miss you, and want to marry you, that this could be a sign of a serious problem.  

Dr. Judy tells The Doctors that if you discover you are in a relationship with an antisocial person, the best approach is to immediately cut ties with that person.