How to Get Omega-3s

Salmon on a plate
Salmon on a plate

In order to support your health, it is important that you are getting the vitamins and nutrients your body needs including Omega-3s. They can help cardiovascular health by supporting healthy blood flow. They can also be great for brain health and are an essential nutrient for infant brain development during pregnancy. Additionally, they support healthy joints as well as your eyes, your hair, and your skin.

Despite the importance of Omega-3s, a recent study conducted by the Global Nutrition & Health Alliance (which is funded in part through an educational grant from RB*), suggested that 98% of people tested had low Omega-3 levels, which was below the optimal range. 

So how can you get the benefits of Omega-3s?

  • Cold Water Fish – Salmon, mackerel and sardines provide 325 mg per 3.5oz serving. 
  • Fortified Food & Beverages – Eggs, milk, bread, and chocolate have 30 to 100 mg per serving.
  • Supplements – If you’re not eating enough of these foods, a supplement could be the solution.

If you are interested in enhancing your diet with an Omega-3s supplement, select one that clearly identifies the amount of EPA and DHA it contains, is additive-free, and uses the highest quality ingredients.

MegaRed Advanced 4 in 1 delivers 600mg of EPA+DHA, one of the highest amounts available in a one-pill per day dose available without a prescription.

Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

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