Embarrassing Breast Questions Answered!

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Playing Breast Case Scenario

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Breast surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk is answering some of your most common and embarrassing questions about your breasts.

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Nipple Hair - Is It Normal?: She says with over 50 million hair follicles on our skin, that a few hairs near your nipple is normal. She says that an excessive amount of hair could be a sign of PCOS and to see your doctor. She says the amount of hair you have is hereditary. She says plucking and electrolysis are fine ways to handle the unwanted hairs but warns against using the hair removal creams in that area.

How to Treat Breast Acne: Dr. Funk says acne and blackheads are common near the areola. She warns against squeezing these pimples. She says to use the same face wash used on your face on your breast in order to treat any breast acne.

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When to Worry about Nipple Discharge: The breast surgeon says that if you squeeze your nipple and a discharge that is amber, green or grey comes out that is not concerning. She is concerned about squeezed discharges that are bloody, brown or ones that are clear like water. She also says to check with your doctor regarding any spontaneous discharge regardless of the color. She says to see your doctor if you are experiencing a nipple that is itchy, flaky dry or cracked, as it could be a form of breast cancer called Paget’s disease.