Joshua Weissman's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream - Will It Pass the Kid Test?

Playing From Overweight to Healthy Professional Chef!

An ice cream that is good for you?

"The Slim Palate" food blogger and professional cook Joshua Weissman joins The Doctors to share the secret ingredient he uses to make his desert paleo and healthier.

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Joshua underwent a major life transformation when he changed what he ate. After being obese for years growing up, by the age of 16 he dropped over 100 pounds, started a healthy food blog and wrote a cookbook when he was 17.

He brings his secret ingredient ice cream for ER physician Dr. Travis Stork to try. The ice cream contains avocados and cacao nibs and has no sugar or artificial sweeteners. The ice cream is sweetened with honey.

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Dr. Travis might be a fan of the healthy ice cream, but what about our Yum Yuck kid taste tester crew?

Find out what Sofia, James, and Morgan think of the ice cream in the video below -- do they deem it yummy or yucky? Get the recipe for Joshua's secret ingredient ice cream, here.