Should You Friend Your Kid's Friends on Social Media?

Playing Should Parents Friend Their Kid’s Friends on Social Media

Melissa Rivers joins The Doctors to discuss if parents should friend their kid’s friends on social media and shares tips on how to keep kids safe online.

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The Doctors ask Melissa if she -- like many parents -- befriends her teenage son Cooper's friends on social media.

"I have been doing this since the day he got his phone. First of all, if the friend would not accept me, I would let the parent know," she says. "I follow my son [on social media] because anything you're posting, I should be able to look at. I try to not look that often. I do have the theory with my son's phone, if I'm paying for it, my thumbprint is on it. I can get in there anytime."

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OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry suggests to parents to be more of a lurker from the sidelines in order to keep tabs on what their kids are doing.

Do you follow your kid's friend on social media and will you now?