LED Light Beds to Ease Pain?

Playing Can LED Light Beds Ease Pain?

Could the answer to your pain issues be eased by a bed of light? The Doctors put the LightStim LED Bed to the test, which claims to temporarily provide relief of muscle, joint, and arthritis pain. Find out what our two test subjects thought after using the product for the recommended 40 minutes. 

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra says that LED light is said to improve circulation. She says LED lights are used in dermatology to treat wrinkles, anti-aging procedures, and acne.

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 Tara, who is dealing with a back injury and muscles spasms, says since the treatment she had not had a single muscle spasm.

Debbie, who has been having trouble working out lately due to pain, says the treatment was "great." She adds, "It made things better," and says that she looks forward to leaving the show and going for a run.

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The cost of owning the LED bed is a whopping $65,000, but The Doctors say treatments are available to use at many med spas for $100 to $200 per session.