Orgasmic Births?

Would you swap pain during childbirth for an orgasm? More and more women are claiming they have orgasmic births, especially during home births.

“I know it’s possible for women to have orgasms when they breastfeed, because nipple stimulation is nipple stimulation,” OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says. “But during delivery, I’ve actually never had a patient have that. I could see it happening, because a lot of times we’ll do nipple stimulation to bring on contractions. I suppose early in labor it could happen. Really, everywhere I’ve delivered, from Africa to India to here, most women are in pain if they don’t have anesthesia.”

Laura has been collecting information about orgasmic births for 15 years and says she has had orgasms right before giving birth from having sex prior to her water breaking. “I just thought it was a fascinating phenomenon,” she says.

“The message that I try to bring is much larger than that,” she adds. “It’s about overcoming fear, shame and guilt. Emotions affect blood flow, and you want blood to flow to that area.”

“It’s just another tool to relax,” pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says. “Having a good birth experience is all about relaxing in all the areas, and if that helps you do it, then why not?"