Is Sex Addiction a Legitimate Disorder?

Playing Is Harvey Weinstein a Sex Addict?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors weigh in on the abuse allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and the reports that he is seeking treatment for sex addiction.

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The Doctors discuss whether sex addiction is an actual disorder. Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho says, "I don't believe that we have evidence that it is yet. I'm not saying that I have a strict opinion that it is or not, but we do know for sure [the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders] chose not to recognize it as a legitimate disorder."

Dr. Judy goes on to say that there is not enough evidence and scientific scrutiny surrounding sex addiction.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says, "There's so much more to it than sex. To me, there are just certain people out there who are into power, who are predators."

The Doctors ask whether sex addiction can be treatedDr. Judy says, "When don't have something that is a diagnosable disorder, we also don't have as much research that says, 'Hey, this is what works. This is an evidence-based treatment for this problem.' We now have evidence-based treatment for gambling disorders. we do not have evidence-based treatments that have been scientifically proven to work for sex addicts."