Teeth Whitener Put to the Test!

Playing Put it to the Test: Teeth Whitener

The Doctors welcome Dr. Chris Strandburg and 3 testers to find out if a teeth whitening product's claims of 6 shades whiter in 3 days is possible. Our testers, Alexandra, Kaitlyn and Amy put Luster 2-Minute White to the test.

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Katelynn says that while she thought the lack of tooth sensitivity was great, she did not feel her teeth looked six shades whiter. She says she likes how easy it was to use and feels like she would use it again.

Alexandra says she liked how it was convenient and easy to use, but says she expected "more dramatic results."

Amy says she thought her teeth looked 2 to 3 shades whiter after using.

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Dr. Strandburg tells The Doctors he feels the product does "an okay job." He notes that the amount of time required is longer than the product name suggests, explaining it is a two-minute application followed by 10 minutes of leaving the product on the teeth. It is supposed to be applied 12 times over a 3-day period. He does like that there is no tray needed and that there are no sensitivity issues. He also likes that the price is under $15 dollars.

For brighter and whiter teeth, Dr. Strandburg recommends avoiding foods like wine and coffee, regular brushing and flossing and he says he uses a water flosser with a solution of half water and hydrogen peroxide. If you do drink wine or coffee, try rising with water after drinking to help combat staining.