Is Cycling in a Sauna a Better Workout?

Playing Would You Cycle in a Sauna?

If your excuse for not working out is not having enough time, there's a new workout that could be right for you, but it's going to be hot!

HOTWORX says working out in their infrared sauna can provide more of a workout in less time. The Doctors put it to the test with a spin class with 3 women, Sabina, Mae and Vanessa.

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Sabina says spinning in the hot sauna "was amazing." She says she was initially a little nervous about the temperature but found the short length of the class appealing.

Mae says she felt "overwhelmed by the heat," but loved that the class was quick.

Vanessa says the conditions felt intense but says the temperature helped relax her muscles and when she was done she felt a boost of energy.

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The Doctors explain that working out in the heat increases heart rate and blood flow. They note that staying hydrated and being physically capable is important for this type of workout.