Omega-3s: The Fat You Want!

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Playing Omega-3s: The Fat You Want!

When it comes to fat, there is one type you may not want to cut back on, which is Omega-3s.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that these polyunsaturated fatty acids can provide multiple health benefits and are essential building blocks for the body.

He explains that Omega-3s can be important for cardiovascular health because they can support healthy blood flow in our arteries. Also, Omega-3s may support joint health.

Some studies have shown that Omega-3’s can contribute to healthy skin and hair and also benefit your eyes by supporting your vision.

While it might be easy to see the benefits of Omega-3s, many of us may not be getting enough. Dr. Ordon says that people may want to speak to their doctor about their Omega-3 levels and that they may want to ask their doctor about diet and if they might recommend a supplement.

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