Can a Hypnosis App Help You Lose Weight?

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Playing ‘Virtual’ Weight Loss Surgery?

Could the answer to losing weight be an app on your phone? The Doctors meet Victoria who used a hypnosis app while sleeping which she says helped her lose around 100 pounds!

After having a cerebral hemorrhage and fearing she could die, the mother of three decided to make some serious life changes including losing weight. The app tells her to eat slower and to count her bites as she eats.

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho says there have been studies that have found that hypnosis affects the region in the brain responsible for complex decisions and detecting errors and course correcting.

In addition to the hypnosis app, Victoria also began attending nutrition classes and started exercising.

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Dr. Judy notes that hypnosis does not work for everyone and is usually most effective on people with very active imaginations, people who remember very early childhood memories and people who respond viscerally to visual stimulation.

Victoria says she feels the hypnosis was just one tool in her weight loss journey and that it required her putting in the work to drop the pounds.