Hydrogen Peroxide Treatments - Helpful or Harmful?

Playing Are IV Hydrogen Peroxide Treatments Safe?

The Doctors welcome holistic family practice physician Yoshi Rahm, who discusses treating patients with hydrogen peroxide, a treatment that is not FDA approved. Dr. Rahm and the Doctors discuss whether are these alternative treatments are helpful or may be harmful?

Some holistic doctors, like Yoshi, use a saline solution with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to treat patients. Some physicians claim it treats things like cancermultiple sclerosis, and viral infections.

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Yoshi says despite the lack of enough studies, he believes this treatment can be valuable. He says that this treatment is performed over 100,000 times annually in America and has been used for decades. He also says that he has seen his patients have positive benefits.

The Doctors comment that there is no scientific evidence that these treatments work and say they could be harmful. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra notes that the hydrogen peroxide can create air bubbles in the bloodstream and potentially cause death. Dr. Rahm disputes this assertion. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork urges any practitioner using this type of treatment to conduct more studies. Dr. Rahm says that he would welcome more studies.

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See more of this debate between The Doctors and Dr. Rahm about hydrogen peroxide injection debate in the video below.