Kid Favorite Dishes Made Healthy!

Playing Kids Favorite Meals Made Healthy: Lisa Lillien’s Recipes Put to the Test

Lisa Lillien, author of the cookbook, “Hungry Girl: Clean and Hungry Obsessed,” joins The Doctors to share some of her favorite comfort food recipes.

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Lisa says her 12th book is packed with recipes for the tasty foods we are obsessed with, but she offers up all-natural and clean versions.

Travis puts Lisa's creation to the test with our panel of kid taste-testers Sofia, James and Jayla. Our adorable and food-savvy kid taste-testers dig into Chocolate Chocolate Donuts, Tater Tot-Chos and Squash-Crust Cheese Pizza.

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Find out if the kids deem the healthy versions of these comfort food favorites "yum or yuck" in the video below! Get the recipes for Lisa's dishes, here