YouTube Beauty Blogger Who Can't Stop Picking Her Skin!

Playing Beauty Blogger's Skin Picking Secret

YouTube beauty blogger Cassie, better known to her fans as Thrift Thick, has come to The Doctors to reveal a secret disorder.

Cassie is best known for her beauty tips and makeup tutorials on her popular channel, but she's been struggling with the disorder dermatillomania, a condition where one feels compelled to pick at their skin to deal with stress. Additionally, she's dealing with acne, depression, anxiety and a panic disorder.

She reveals that her skin picking can range anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours per day. The picking is so intense that she even has a special set of clothes, with blood stains, that she has dubbed her "picking clothes."

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"You're going to do anything to get at that spot that you're picking at and fingers just aren't enough -- using tweezers, using scissors, going into your kitchen and getting your butcher knife, just so you had a sharp enough blade to scoop," Cassie says, revealing the extremes she goes to.

The Doctors arranged for the YouTube star to see clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho. During their meeting, Dr. Judy uncovers that there is more going on for Cassie besides skin picking. Cassie reveals that she has also previously dealt with an eating disorder and over-exercising.

"My concern for Cassie is that she is going to go from one addictive behavior to another," Dr. Judy says.

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Her mother Becky tells The Doctors that she was unaware of Cassie's issues until she posted a video on her channel revealing her struggles. "It made my heart ache for Cassie... I didn't  know the extent of it and it was very painful to see," Becky says.

In order to help Cassie continue to make positive strides, Catalyst Mental Health has offered to work with Cassie and provide her with intensive outpatient cognitive behavioral services.