Dirty Bar and Restaurant Secrets Revealed: Learn How to Protect Yourself

Playing Dirty Bar and Restaurant Secrets: How to Protect Yourself

The Doctors are joined by the star of Spike’s "Bar Rescue" Jon Taffer, who shares some dirty secrets about bars and restaurantsHe reveals 4 things you need to watch out for the next time you go out!

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- Dirty bar mats: The rubber mats that are often placed on the countertop can be filled with bacteria when they get wet and are not cleaned often enough. Jon explains your glass will touch the dirty mat and then you hold the glass coming in contact with the bacteria. Steer clear of bars where these mats appeared to be dirty and unkept.

- Dirty aprons: Your server's apron could easily be covered in bacteria, which then can transfer from their hands to your plate, cups and food.

- Dirty bill holder: Paying your tab could be the dirtiest part of your night out. Jon suggests avoiding sticky or dirty bill holders.

- Dirty draft beer lines: In many states, beer companies can no longer clean the tubes and lines used for draft beer. If these lines are not maintained, it can lead to bacteria growth, which may have an odor similar to tin. If your beer smells like tin, tell your server.

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Jon says the least popular item in a bar or restaurant will most likely be the least fresh. He explains that items that are being featured or promoted are more likely to be fresh and safe.  

The Doctors note that people with a healthy immune system will not usually be affected by these dirty secrets.