Is Your Diet Lacking The Omega-3s You May Need?

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Playing Are You Lacking the Omega-3’s You May Need?

You've probably heard the saying, "You are what you eat," and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that our bodies are functioning off the nutrients we give it from the food choices we make.

But even when we try to eat right, our diet might still lack the Omega-3s it needs.Omega-3s are essential nutrients that our body does not make on its own. We can get them from the foods we eat or by supplementing our diet.

The Doctors share some tips on getting Omega-3s:

Tip 1: Incorporate foods rich in Omega-3s like cold water fish, soybeans, walnuts, and canola oil into your diet.

Do this because Omega-3s support healthy blood flow in our arteries, promote joint and brain health and support healthy vision.

Tip 2: Know your Omega-3 level. A blood test can help you determine where you stand.

Tip 3: An Omega-3 supplement may help ensure you're getting what your diet may be lacking.

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Always talk to your doctor before taking any supplements.

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