Exclusive: Man's 320 Pound Weight Loss

At 518 pounds, Milan's health was a ticking time bomb.

Eight years ago, he suffered a heart attack and flatlined. The heart attack did not stop his unhealthy eating habits. He estimates he was eating up to 15,000 calories a day. This lead to a slew of health issues in addition to his heart problems.

Surprisingly, it was a trip to an amusement park -- where he was told he was too big to ride a roller coaster -- that was his moment of clarity.

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"My weight was not just affecting me, it was having an effect on my entire family -- the heart attack scare didn't even do that. I had to make a change," Milan says.

After dropping a whopping 320 pounds, a very proud Milan joins The Doctors. He is happy to share that he is off all of the health-related medications and has quit smoking. "I feel better than I did at 20, [now] at 45," he says.

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So how did he manage to drop so much weight? "Anybody can do this. I had tried every gadget and pill. There is no magic pill. None. It's a lifestyle change. it's not a diet."

He explains his major turning point was when he stopped eating fast food and junk food and begun cooking for himself at home, something he often does with his son Nigel, who loves his dad's transformation.

"It's been amazing because now he's my superhero and I love him," his son shares.

Milan chronicled his journey in his book, "The Change: Transforming Yourself and Your Body Into the Person You Want to Be."

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