Exclusive: Aaron Carter Rehab Update

Playing Drs. Exclusive: Aaron Carter Enters Rehab

Following our two-part interview with Aaron Carter -- where the singer set the record straight about his arrest, drug abuse allegations, extreme weight loss, family issues and his sexuality -- The Doctors share an update on the 29-year-old, who has taken us up on our offer for treatment at a rehab facility. News of the singer entering rehab comes after a friend called 911 to share her concern about his alleged drug use, including allegedly inhaling computer duster.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon tells ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and psychologist Dr. Judy Ho, "You two probably saved his life... and I hope that this lasts, I hope it works."

Dr. Travis credits The Doctors staff and the Alo House Recovery Centers staff -- who flew to the singer's Florida home to convince him to get help -- for making Aaron's rehab a reality.

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"I wasn't sure, despite Aaron reassuring me... until someone gets into rehab, you're not sure... Aaron did really want to go, he just needed the nudge. And the fact that he's there now, I'm so optimistic for him. So much more than I was a week ago," the ER physician says. 

Dr. Travis goes on to express his concerns about Aaron's newly revealed alleged drug use. 

"This concept of dusting, which can be deadly. And that is where you are inhaling these high concentrations of chemicals and it can give you a high. It can even cause something known as sudden sniffing death. These things never show up on a drug panel... that is the one thing in all of this that Aaron had not acknowledged. We had heard reports of doing this... getting him out of harm's way of doing things like that... it scared me when I found out he was allegedly doing that because it can kill you, it can cause brain damage, organ dysfunction," he says.

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Dr. Travis adds, "Aaron, kudos to you. You're not going to be watching this until hopefully, you're out of rehab and have been able to put the pieces back together. Ultimately, Aaron is the one that decided to take this step and I do believe... that there are other people out there that are in a similar situation as Aaron. If he can do it with the limelight, with all the negativity surrounding his situation... if he can do it, you can too."