New Wedding Trend: Marijuana Bars

Playing Wedding Weed Bars?

In states where recreational marijuana is legal, a new wedding trend is happening -- marijuana bars.

The Doctors explain that some couples are opting for a marijuana bar instead of serving alcohol. NBA champion and wellness advocate John Salley believes this bar could cut down on wedding fights and could ease wedding day jitters.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork wonders if serving marijuana to guests might cause the reception to become a sleepy event.

"They shouldn't smoke indica. That's when you should have a hybrid or you should have sativa, which gives you a brain high and makes you think, but doesn't give you the body high," John, who cultivates and smokes marijuana, says.

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Dr. Travis warns against taking too high of a dose and recommends being responsible if you partake.

Would you have a marijuana bar at your wedding?