How One Woman Conquered Her Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Playing Get Control of Your Gut!

Bethany was one of the millions of Americans suffering from digestive issues, but in her case, her severe irritable bowel syndrome almost killed her.

Two years ago, she was in constant pain and passing food whole through her system. There were days when she had to visit the bathroom up to 10 times and other times she would not have a bowel movement for an entire week.

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She went for a battery of tests and procedures and none of them found anything wrong with her. Next, she next sought out the advice of a holistic doctor, who put her on 30 pills a day. In just 3 months, she dropped 25 pounds and she felt as though she looked anorexic and she feared for her life.

She went to a different holistic doctor who took a different approach to her issues, he prescribed Bethany food. Her new approach was to only eat clean, non-processed food and she was forced to make it from scratch. In just 9 months of the new approach, Bethany says she felt like "a new person."

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"It's amazing how real food can heal when you take out all the processed stuff. I'm doing so much better, because of food," she tells The Doctors.

Bethany is now a food blogger and shares healthy food ideas and recipes on Instagram. Get the recipes Bethany shared on the show, here!