Kennel Nightmare: Family's Dog Severely Hurt with No Explanation!

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Playing Dog Kennels: Dependable or Dangerous?

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

A family from Newport News, Virgina experienced a nightmare with their dog Fenway after leaving the Australian Shepherd at a kennel for the weekend.

The 10-month old dog was severely hurt during the stay and the kennel says they cannot explain how or why it happened. The kennel believes Fenway was either attacked by other dogs or got stuck in a fence.

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Veterinarian Dr. Arvid Edward tells us incidents like this happen more often than we might expect. In order to find the right kennel for your pet, Dr. Edward stresses to check out the facility ahead of time and visit the kennel unannounced to see how business really operates.    

Animal activist Katherine Schwarzenegger, who authored the children's book "Maverick and Me," says of the horrifying incident, "You would do the same for your child. So many of us think of our pets as our children and it's so important to be able to know who exactly is going to be taking care of them and where they are going to stay while you are gone."

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The Doctors also recommend checking online reviews for kennels and selecting a kennel that provides 24-hour webcam access, so you can check on your pet while you're away.

To find out more about Katherine's book, "Maverick and Me," which teaches kids about the option of animal adoption, click here!

*Update: Since the time of filming, Fenway sadly passed away on Friday, September 1, at 11:50 PM PST, succumbing to his injuries.