"My Giant Life Star" Fears She'll Die a Virgin

Playing “My Giant Life” Star is Looking for Love

"My Giant Life" star Alicia Jay is worried her height is hindering her dating life. She's come to The Doctors in hopes of finding a man.

She loves her height but feels it's harder to date as a tall woman. Alicia is 6'6", often wears high heels and her strong faith has kept her a virgin"If I don't get married, I could be a virgin until the day I die," she says.

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She tells The Doctors that growing up tall was difficult at times due to teasing and bullying from other kids. But now, she feels, "It's beautiful. I love it. I think it's a gift."

She explains that when it comes to dating she wants a guy who "puts God first," makes her laugh and if he is tall (not necessarily taller than her) that would be ideal.

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The Doctors arranged for a speed dating session with three eligible bachelors, Brian, Jah, and Andrew during the show.

"I like what I see so far," Alicia says of the men.  Find out which bachelor she picked in the video below ! Plus, see her speed dates and her date night out!