Shocking Hit-And-Run Car Accident Caught on Tape!

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Playing Reckless Driver Caught on Tape!

Madis was driving on the freeway in the Los Angeles area when a car hit her causing her to crash into another vehicle. She then spun across the freeway and became lodged under a moving big rig truck!

The driver who caused the accident did not stop and sped off, but the entire incident was caught on tape by a camera in another car. Despite being pinned under the body of the truck, she survived and walked away with just cuts and bruises and joins The Doctors asking for the public's help.

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"All I can remember is the windshield starting to come closer and closer to," she shares. "The minute that it came to complete stop all I saw was smoke... I ran and I saw this man and I just ran towards him and hugged him, and I think that's when everything kind of felt real, like, I'm actually alive."

The Doctors note that Madis is a great example of how to handle yourself during an accident. She was wearing her seatbelt and remained as calm as possible during the accident and then quickly and safely left her vehicle.

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Madis explains that the driver who left the scene has still not been found. Madis and The Doctors ask the public to contact the authorities if they have any information on who this driver might be.