How Dirty Are Public Baby Changing Tables?

Playing What’s Lurking on the Baby Changing Table?

The Doctors are doing the dirty work yet again -- this time investigating public baby changing tables to find out just how dirty or clean they are!

We tested 4 different changing tables around the Los Angeles area including a pharmacy, fast food restaurant, grocery store and a high-end department store. We swabbed the tables at the various locations and sent to ABC Lab for testing. Here are our results:

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Pharmacy changing table: Clean
Fast food restaurant changing table: Dirty - tested positive for Staphylococcus, which can be found in skin infections
Grocery store changing table: Dirty - tested positive for Bacillus, which is another form of Staphylococcus  
High-end department store changing table: (which was a table covered in fabric): Dirty - tested positive for Pseudomonas, which was probably due to feces.

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The Doctors warns against using a reusable cloth or fabric on a changing table as it acts as a magnet for bacteria.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork ends with a helpful reminder, "Germs are all around us and the great majority of germs and bacteria are completely benign, and in fact, many of them are helpful to us. So, we don't need to be terrified of every single germ out there, just be aware."