Microchipped by Your Employer - Would You Allow This?

Playing Company Microchips Employees?

Would you allow your employer to embed a microchip in your body? One company already has and The Doctors discuss this controversial technological advance.

A Wisconsin company asked for employee volunteers to test out the technology and 60 people willing participated. The small microchip, placed under the skin between the index finger and the thumb allows users to pass through security, log into devices and pay for items at vending machines.

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Despite the company not using GPS to track anyone with the microchip, The Doctors are very worried about the possible privacy and health risks.

"My biggest concern is that this could be done to people against their will at some point in time," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

The Doctors also warn that a chip like this could not only migrate but possibly cause an infection in the body. They also express their concerns about this technology leading to identity theft.

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They do concede that this type of technology could be useful in the medical world for things like drug dosages, abnormal vital signs, the ability to share reports and medical records about patients. The Doctors takeaway: for this technology to work, there would need to be multiple protocols in place to ensure privacy.