Is Adult Swaddling the Solution for Stress?

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Playing Adult Swaddling for Stress?

Could returning to a womb-like state help relieve some of your stress? The Doctors examine the trend of adult swaddling.

A therapist in Japan is using a technique of wrapping clients in tightly bound sheets while they lay in the fetal position. But does adult swaddling actually help?

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We welcome Vice writer Justin Caffier, who underwent the treatment and says, "It was a lot more soothing than I thought it was going to be."

He tells The Doctors he was swaddled and rocked back and forth by the therapist for approximately 30 minutes and explains he initially did not want to spend that long wrapped up, but then when he relaxed he felt as though he was "transported into another dimension of comfort."

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In addition to stress, the technique claims to help with anxiety and post-partum depression.

Check out the video above where we put the treatment to the test with Doctors staffer Brian. Find out if he found tranquility while wrapped up.