Exclusive: Aaron Carter Enters Rehab

Following our two-part interview with Aaron Carter -- where the singer set the record straight about his arrest, drug abuse allegations, extreme weight loss, family issues and his sexuality -- The Doctors can exclusively report the 29-year-old has taken us up on our offer to assist him in getting the help he needs. He is now seeking treatment at a rehab facility, which he entered late last night.

Carter, whose controversial two-part interview aired earlier this month, shared his mental and physical health concerns, opened up about his prescription drug use and expressed his willingness to get help and enter treatment to improve his health. “I don’t want to be on these pills, so let’s get off them” he said, continuing “ I want the tools…to not dig my own grave.”

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During Aaron's emotional interview with ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and consultation with gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, where they revealed to the singer that he tested negative for all STDs and that his liver, kidney, thyroid, and stomach are healthy, they also shared their concerns for his health. The Doctors determined Aaron is suffering from malnourishment and endangering himself with the mixing of prescription medications.

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The Doctors wish Aaron all the best during his recovery and look forward to seeing his progress.